My Personal Experience with the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation

2016-07-31 14.47.42

By Kyle Smith | Urban Agenda

This experience has been very new for me, considering I never really took much interest in journalism, other than a short phase I had when I liked to write stories. I typically prefer to go the route of business, marketing and graphic design.

However, since coming here I have met new people and learned a lot of writing techniques and skills. I also expressed myself by writing a story. So far, I’m not really getting into it; I’m still feeling somewhat uncomfortable since I’m out of my element. What this experience has done for me so far is give me an introduction to what we are about to be doing. As of now, we are still in the process of learning so that once we start working we are prepared.

As a web blogger, the experience has been constant work and constant awareness of what activities and class sessions we are having throughout the day as a group. The newspapers and articles developed that we all use to study has been something really new for me, since I never used a newspaper to study for a test and I hardly ever read newspapers, unless it’s football season.

I haven’t quite been able to interact with people the way that I would like, and it’s been difficult for me to relate to most of the people here. I did not know anyone here prior to coming to this program, which makes everything new for me and even more important to reach for things that I have in common with people and that we introduce ourselves.

So far we have participated in a number of class sessions and activities to help us get started, that I think are all a part of the learning process needed to become successful when we apply it to our writing on Monday. I never really made much of a career or interest in journalism, prior to coming here. However, I do like to read and I have learned over time to overcome things that make me feel uncomfortable or unusual.

I believe this program will help me with a lot of things that I need in school, my career and in life. This program will help build the strong foundation as a great student and a well-rounded individual with speaking, writing, learning techniques and skills, interviews and more. I will learn a lot of things that can be applied anywhere, such as the proper way to speak, the correct way to write a paragraph, the correct way to start a sentence and the right way to interview someone.

I hope to learn a lot of things that surpass what I ever expected of myself, meaning that I learn more about myself, more about journalism and broaden my mind to explore different career opportunities. It’s important that I don’t limit myself. I also hope to learn a lot of techniques and skills that I never even thought about that can help me get that advantage over my peers in college and those I compete with in my business.

This program is bringing out the best in me and although it is very challenging, I will prevail and this will make me a stronger person.


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