The First 36

By Sean Spencer | Urban Agenda

As I went registration yesterday morning, it was so depressing because of the rain and dark clouds. But that was overshadowed by the smiles of Ms. George and Mr. Moore. I’ve been excited all summer to come to this program and build-on more knowledge for myself from last year.

When I went to my dorm, I was laughing about how small the dorm was. I was happy to see five returning faces (all girls) from last year, as well as all the new people. However, I was very surprised to see that myself and Kyle are the only males in the program.

After orientation, the group and I had computer training with Mr. Neistein and then went to lunch. I was excited to be in the web group because last year I did print, and since I had experience with the past and somewhat present, I wanted to gain experience with the future. Technology is changing the game for the field of media.

There was an alumni rap session in which I listened to former members of the workshop discuss their experiences and how it helped them for their futures. All of them had the same conviction that in some way, shape, or form, the workshop impacted them. It didn’t matter what career they chose to follow, whether they was a meteorologist or in a punk rock band. This workshop can give you the knowledge to grow as a person and/or as a person in the field of media.

We toured KDKA TV and its new set. I really thought the set was beautiful as it had that Pittsburgh feel. The group afterward would go back to their dorms. Some people (like myself) read the newspaper in preparation for the news quiz. Others were just up, having fun with their new friends. Ordering food is the main thing everyone did last year and I expect it for this year. I remember when I went outside to get some extra things for my dorm, I saw a delivery guy waiting impatiently as if he had been there forever.

This morning, I woke up and studied for the news quiz. I was highly disappointed I didn’t win but best believe I’m in the hunt. Most of today was instruction and preparation for the week. The group and I learned such things as: what a lede is, what is news, how to interview a person, note taking skills and research, creative writing, and accuracy and ethics.

All of these events have lead me to right now as I write this blog and get ready for a fun and exciting week here at Point Park at the workshop. Just like Mr. Moore as said, I can and I will.


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