I spy: California graffiti

By Roderick Wilson

Photo credit: Roderick Wilson

Photo taken of Graffiti on June 5th, 2016 in California that represented what many believe to be commentary on spies in the community. It’s not known if the wording is for or against said spies.

Wilson_California_Latino Woman
Photo credit: Roderick Wilson

Photo of what one graffiti artist considers to be the typical look of a Latino woman in East LA. The artwork can be found on a building on Waltham Street.

Photo credit: Roderick Wilson

A simple graffiti saluting the zodiac signs on a commercial building in East LA on Chester Street.

Photo credit: Roderick Wilson

Graffiti on Alejandro Street showcases the style of three various artists usage of color and lettering.

Photo credit: Roderick Wilson

Vibrant graffiti expressions on life in Inglewood on Lauderdale Ave.

Photo credit: Roderick Wilson

Photo shows graffiti by two artists in Inglewood on Tree Ave. The crow
symbolizing picking at death and “Scrooge” commentary on society or a person.

About the photographer: Roderick Wilson, 15, is from Monongahela, Washington County. He is a sophomore at Ringgold High School.